Once upon a time, travelers depended on the stars to guide them and keep them from straying off course. Those who were lost found direction in the bright pinpoint patterns that drew a map across the sky offering a flicker of hope through the darkest hours.

Stars share their light every moment they exist asking for nothing in return. A pure offering. A perfect gift.

Their celestial burn is so intense that long after they are gone, their glow is still seen by those who choose to peer into the night sky: a source of illumination and inspiration for all.

So perfectly named was my dear friend Starr Korvin who passed on last night after using every second of her time on earth to impart only love, hope, and guidance. Her gifts will continue to serve those who experienced her radiance long after she’s made her way down her next path.

Today, I write this prayer in honor of Starr’s Devine Spirit’s offerings in this life, and also in celebration of its liberation from suffering.

Starr, I wish you well and send you love as you continue your journey.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
(May all beings be happy and free from suffering)