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The Mountains are calling and I must go. —John Muir

Mt. Rainier first beckoned Sierra Club co-founder and national park activist John Muir in 1880 when he decided to hike its summit—an experience that would change both his life and the area’s future. Deeply moved by the mountain’s rugged beauty, he later wrote An Ascent of Mount Rainier and ultimately spearheaded the establishment of Mt. Rainier National Park.

Many activists like Muir have since experienced the mountain’s allure and as a result, Mt. Rainier is now a year-round wonderland accessible to outdoor enthusiasts both young and old.

Visit Rainier consultant Meilee Anderson says, “The wide-open spaces, fresh air, and spectacular outdoor recreation draw visitors from all over the world to marvel at the natural beauty…”

For those seeking to quench their thirst for expansive meadows, snow-capped peaks, glassy lakes and cascading waterfalls, this year-round guide to Mt. Rainier makes answering the call of the mountain easy—even with budding naturalists in tow. [Read More…]