Editorial Management

My editorial chops come from working for over 7 years as the editor and chief of an Oregon-based family and lifestyle magazine. I am currently the Portland city editor for Red Tricycle and I have worked on a variety of print and digital projects over the years.

I enjoy any opportunity that allows me to be creative, but projects that let me flex my innovative muscles and call on my resources are my sweet spot. A quick review of my portfolio reveals that I have experience working on digital and print projects for wide-ranging areas of interest. And if you don’t have a team of creatives standing by, I have a large and talented network that I work with regularly.

View samples of my various editorial work below.

Content Curator

I’ve curated content and developed campaigns for various publications and companies.

Managing Editor

I currently serve as an editor for both Red Tricycle and True North Parenting Magazine.

Website  Content

I’ve helped curate and write content for various websites including Red Tricycle and True North Parenting Magazine.